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Asteroid RKD is the first in a series of arcade-like games. In Asteroid RKD you have to reach as high a score and survive as long as possible against increasingly difficult waves of Asteroids. Get power ups to upgrade your ship’s firepower and protect yourself from a one hit death. Survive the asteroid field.

A personal note from the developer:
Please keep in mind that this game was built with not only the purpose of making a small, concise game as fun as possible, but also to gather experience in developing this type of product. I sincerely hope everyone finds something to enjoy in this, and for any questions on either this game or future matters, feel free to reach to me through the Steam Forums.
Vincent Frappier – Lys Tek

You have 3 lives and face off against waves of asteroids. Pick up power ups from their debris as you try and survive as long as you can. Reach for the highest score!


  • Simple gameplay requiring precise actions to survive.
  • Pick up new weapons, speed and shield upgrades.
  • Face off increasingly difficult waves of asteroids.


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