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An era of exciting adventures:

A sudden plane crash interrupts the uneventful journey of a little boy. Now stranded in the heart of the Amazonian jungle, he embarks on an eventful journey along the trails of a long-forgotten civilization, searching for the legendary city of El Dorado.

His companion and helper is Sammy the Rainbow Worm, never shy of a snarky comment. But as a worm, Sammy draws the attention of the Amazonian fishes, too – something that he really doesn’t like at all.

Catch’em is a hilarious fishing game that focuses on skill, timing and a bit of luck. In each level, players have to catch five fishes out of over 24 different species to advance to the next level – while the clock is ticking. Players have to overcome numerous obstacles, but their persistence will be rewarded with valuable bonus points.

In addition to the exciting game itself, fun 3D animations and Sammy’s voiceover will entertain players for many hours.


  • 35 hand-crafted and diverse locations that take players on a journey to the fantastic world of the legendary city El Dorado
  • A diverse range of some of the most exotic fishes of our planet
  • Get to know Sammy the Rainbow Worm and observe how he reacts with hilarious animations to a wide variety of situations
  • Top-notch localization
  • Both an easy start and a difficulty that ramps up continuously guarantee long-lasting fun
  • Impressive 3D aquarium scenario with advanced shader technology
  • Atmospheric soundtrack


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