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Join the world of Realmstone as a Noble House and send your heroes forth to claim glory and resources, have them defend your city from enemies and hire servants to help your House thrive. Explore a living world in a constant state of strife and danger.

Realmstone is an action RPG inspired by games like Moonstone, Golden Axe, Magic: the Gathering and Master of Magic. Realmstone revolves around loot and levels, capturing cities, ridding the countryside of monsters and killing other players.
The game has been in on and off development for a very long time and was previously released on Desura where it found a small but active community that has greatly influenced the gameplay.

Current features include:
– Quests.
– Multiplayer with 50 player server capacity and private server options.
– Raiding monsters.
– Caravans.
– Cities that can be captured by both monsters and players.
– 6 different factions.
– Cross faction coop play.
– Crafting.
– Customization tools to allow players to balance abilities and creatures.


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