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Elude is a ‘just-one-more-round’ , challenging endless survival/arcade game. It will test all of your abilities to escape from the enemies or lead them into traps. It is a pickup and play game you can enjoy in short to mid play sessions, which makes it perfect to play while you wait in queue for another game. Even though Elude is a small, score chasing game, where the only goals are to constantly beat your previous score and brag about it to your friends, it is packed with exciting re-playable gameplay and fun moments.

· The objective is simple, Stay alive as long as you can.
· You don’t stop moving…. ever. So make sure you don’t crash.
· Get the highest score you can by making enemies crash each other or trapping them in your trails.

· Steer left and right avoiding enemies.
· Use your boost to get away from the more aggressive ones.
· Hold space to leave a trail that will kill enemies on impact. But be careful, crashing into it will end your run too.

· It is very easy to learn.
· All players can stream and monetize Elude footage.
· Controller support.
· Endless, fast-paced and constantly gets harder.
· Perfect for playing while in Queue for another game.
· Easy mode for those who find it too challenging at first.
· Steam Achievements.

I just recently started my journey as an indie developer, so I’m focusing on small, single mechanic yet solid fun games. By purchasing this game you would help me continue creating more and better games (which would be awesome). I’d love to hear from you, so please contact me through Twitter if you find something wrong in the game, or just want to say hello.
I hope you enjoy the game.
Alex Zaragoza


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