The Grimsworth Reports: Woodfall

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Chuck Grimsworth, a special agent who specializes in cases considered bizarre or even paranormal, receives a frantic call from the sheriff of a small town called Woodfall. After a long drive to the rural community, Chuck discovers a collection of eccentric residents with skeletons hiding in every closet. The brutal murder of James Watters has left the town in an uproar, and only Chuck can solve and unearth the ancient conflict which plagues Woodfall.

"The Grimsworth Reports: Woodfall" is an atmospheric 2D adventure game with gameplay elements similar to traditional point-and-click adventure games.

Solve puzzles, make conversational choices, find items, complete side quests, and play your way through to one of three completely different and unique endings!

Woodfall can be played using mouse, keyboard, or gamepad. The game features 21 divergent game paths, 8 side quests, 3 endings, and a rich, original soundtrack.


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