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¥6.00 ¥4.20

The attractive and terrifying game "Got Burned Evil" is an exciting 2D horror with a side view that immerses the player in a mysterious world of tragedies and riddles. The main character, Felex, moves with a friend to a new place – a mysterious workshop. However, as soon as he begins to get used to it and go to bed, he is overtaken by an incredibly realistic nightmare.

Through this dream, Felex begins to remember past tragic events, forgotten by time. In a dream, he is faced with mystical riddles and terrible memories that his subconscious is not able to curb. Solving these riddles and studying the environment, Felex must explore himself from the inside and unravel the secrets hidden in the depths of his brain.

Be careful when you wander into this strange and mystical world of "Not Burned Evil", because every decision you make can help or take the hero into the network of his own shadows. Will you be able to uncover the mystery of the past and escape your fate?


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