They Are Hundreds: Prepped

They Are Hundreds: Prepped thumbnail
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ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE , as a Prepper you have been stock piling & tinkering with some new machinery.

It was only after coming out of the bunker you knew you’d make use of it.

Make use of your hordes of helpers, actually.. Use as many as you’d like!

One last thing… Don’t forget about what locals call Big Mama. Rumored to be the height of a two story building, she is a lot to put down!

  • NO LIMIT UNITS – build to your hearts content.
  • Maybe you’d like to make use of the firearms you’ve been stock piling.
  • OR maybe you can make use the New York man you let live with you when the bombs dropped.
  • OR maybe you could put Mr. New York on a turret.
  • ALSO don’t forget about Big Mama.


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