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Universal Power is a single/multiplayer game with unique World design, Weapons, Play styles, Animations, Story and more…
You can play Universal Power Alone or with your Friends.
Universal Power has over 7 play styles and many different ways to play.
we will be adding NEW maps, Weapons, modes and fixing bugs so players can have a better more fun experience.

Gameplay: The gameplay of universal power is a third person warrior With different swords, katanas and many abilities.
in game you can choose your weapons based on how YOU want to play the game.
you want to play in stealth mode no worry you can Assassinate your enemies from behind.
you want to go and fight everyone no worries go get the best weapons and fight every one.
Also you can stop time with your abilities and fight everyone at the same time.

(warnings) Universal Power contains blood Act of violence and killing.


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