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SURVIVAL FANTASY, the most frenetic survival/waves action roguelike with platforms! Annihilate hundreds of monsters with your bow or your sword, collect items to enhance your abilities and demonstrate your skills on a huge map full of enemies with one purpose: kill you.

Survival fantasy is a game where you will have to kill waves of monsters that do not stop coming towards you, collect objects to increase your powers, increase your skill and statistics and kill all the enemies to survive another rondo, but be careful, each maybe more will come. What will be your maximum round that you will be able to reach? Prove it by playing SURVIVAL FANTASY.


  • Kill the enemies but equip yourself well before moving on to the next round.
  • Wait 7 seconds to recover your mana to 75%
  • Unlock your Dash at level 3 and your special ability at level 5 to kill everyone more easily.
  • Don’t stop breaking your enemies into pieces

Compatible with mouse and keyboard only, change your controls in the options menu.


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