Iron City (iron man flight experience)

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Get ready to be the hero of your own city!


In ıron cıty , you can fly as you wish, explore the city and experience new adventures.


In the game, you can fly and explore the city as you wish.
You can fly with the arrow keys. You can direct with the mouse.

Big Update

We are working to bring a new update. In the big new update, multiplayer and new languages will be added. new missions and new characters will be added to the map. new update coming soon


We are preparing to integrate the multiplayer system into the game with the big update. With multiplayer, you can do tasks with your friends and have a pleasant time.
There will also be character customization in multiplayer. You will be able to solve tasks in teams of up to 16 people

Legal Rights

This project was developed by AGT Studios with the necessary legal agreements. There is no copyright violation or DMCA problem in this project. All necessary legal permits have been obtained. This project Approved by epic games team and unreal engine team. You can access the necessary agreement documents on the agtstudios website.


We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions about the game.


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