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Medville is an indie, single player, real time city builder game. It features individually simulated villagers, a money economy where prices can fluctuate, land and water transport and multiple towns. You start by managing a small town in randomly generated world of islands and mountains. You gradually need to build up an increasingly complex economy, first farming, then industry. After a certain level of development, you can start establishing new colonies and establish trade routes with each other.

The economy of each town is centered around the marketplace. Citizens can sell their surplus goods and buy things that they need, such as food, clothes or inputs for their workshops. Each artifact has a price at a given marketplace, that can constantly change based on supply and demand. Traders can exploit price differences between different towns. Each city has a townhall, that taxes the households and can build new houses or fixes the roads and walls in return.

All villagers have individual states and agendas. They can die because of starvation if the food supply chains break, or they can emigrate from the village if they are unhappy. They might join the outlaws, who live in separate communities and try to steal from your town, unless you keep them at bay with walls and soldiers.


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