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¥15.00 ¥9.00

Jump yourself on this retro runner game and be hooked on the marvelous trippin’ you’re in, surf the happy mountains with the sun shining, and listen to the awesome 16-bit music, but don’t take it too much, or you can regret it.

But if you are tired to run around your owl tail and you want to see what the real world is, just don’t take the 💊. It’s up to you.

Try to escape your scary destiny, figure out why you’re in this thriller madhouse, and dodge and escape all dangers in this place. Decide if your fate will be trippin’ on this endless mad circus or if you will break the asylum lock and escape to safety.


☆ Insane retro pixel art
☆ Endless run (or not…)
☆ Challenging missions
☆ 🐰 Rabbits, 🐶 dogs, 🐻 bears, and lots of other animals to love… I mean… dodge


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