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¥22.00 ¥11.00

You step into the shoes of a man returning to his hometown of Olaine, Latvia after 14 long years. Upon receiving a distressing message from his adoptive father, he braves the harsh winter to return home, only to find the eerie post-Soviet town empty and shrouded in a haunting silence.

As you take on the role of the protagonist, armed with only a flashlight, you’ll face unknown creatures and navigate the claustrophobic atmosphere of a small remote eastern European town. Your mission: to uncover the truth behind a long-buried tragedy. Follow a trail of cryptic notes and piece together the dark history that has left Olaine in this desolate state.

Key Features:

– Unique horror atmosphere and environments

– Heart-wrenching story about loss

– Simple yet challenging gameplay

– Old-school looking graphics

– No Jumpscares


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