Nightwatch: Nightmare Creatures

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Nightwatch: Nightmare Creatures is a cooperative horror game for two players. You can, of course, try to cope alone, but be prepared to work for two.

There are two characters in the game – an Engineer and a Security Guard who go to a secret underground bunker of the EarthY company. From that moment on, they are responsible for maintaining the safety and operability of the underground complex at night.

Your task will be to restore and repair the equipment responsible for maintaining oxygen and electricity in the complex, as well as… avoiding victims of megacorporation experiments. The game consists of 6 shifts with different difficulty levels and the 7th one is fully customizable.

You can play either alone or with a friend in split-screen mode (you need a controller compatible with XInput or Steam, it is also possible to play with 2 controllers), or online (both via Steam and without).


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