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You are trapped in the basement of a strange museum. Find the hidden keys inside the everchanging rooms and escape as soon as you can. Play alone or as up to 4 players in this horror roguelike where no two rounds are ever the same. But beware, you are not alone…

There are 4 keys hiding somewhere across 8 rooms, and you need to find them all to escape before your time runs out. Keys are never in the same rooms, and rooms are never the same.

Every match brings about a new suite of randomly generated rooms. No two rooms will be the same, therefore you can never know what’s hiding behind these doors.

There is something dangerous hiding in the rooms that won’t make finding the keys easy. Be careful what you illuminate with your lights, or that something will put your escapade to an end…

Try to escape alone or against up to 3 friends in local splitscreen or online multiplayer. Every player needs to find their own keys and escape before someone else does it and leaves the rest trapped forever. But don’t be too careless, as the danger is awaiting in the shadows to intercept the least cautious.


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