Rescue Team: Mineral of Miracles

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In the small town of Stonecane, the extraordinary discovery of a mineral named "Immortalite" has sent shockwaves across the globe. Acting with the newly-founded Immortalite Research Group, you are tasked with uncovering the secrets of this powerful substance and ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Lead a team of specialists, including the brilliant geologist Charlotte Stone and the tech-savvy John, to navigate through a web of intrigue and peril. A clandestine organization with nefarious intentions has already begun illegally mining and processing Immortalite and so your mission is clear – to dismantle their operation, neutralize the threat, and safeguard the world from the potential catastrophic consequences.
Play Rescue Team: Mineral of Miracles now and piece together clues, hack encrypted data, and interrogate captured diggers to unravel the sinister plot behind it all.

In Rescue Team: Mineral of Miracles , as in any time manager you have to accurately calculate the time for building, collecting resources and timely use of bonuses.
The game has a large variety of buildings and unique items, collecting them you will perform tasks and participate in unique adventures.

Collect a squad of rescuers, perform a variety of tasks to save people and animals, restore buildings and extinguish fires, and most importantly find the rarest mineral in the history of mankind.

Upsell Features

65 exciting levels
Step-by-step level guide
Catchy downloadable Original Soundtrack
Collection of rare minerals
Character biographies
Game Encyclopedia
Bonus achievements
Сollection of stickers


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