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The Johnny Papa is a strategic team-based multiplayer horror game. There are 8 innocent characters and 3 killer characters with different missions and abilities. Johnny Papa’s goal is to win the game by neutralizing the innocents. To neutralize them, he can knock them down or carry them and put them on the surgery tables. He gets points from the players he puts on the surgery table and these points help him level up.

The goal of the Innocents is to escape from Agris Village and get rid of Johnny Papa. It is important for the Innocents to play strategically as a team. Reading the totems is the main objective of the Innocents, if they can’t read the totems and Johnny Papa has leveled up, Johnny Papa’s heart will spawn at a certain point on the map, the armed characters will need to play strategically to damage the heart, or they can damage Johnny Papa at an early stage to neutralize him and win the game.

If the innocents cannot play strategically, otherwise the game will be much easier for Johnny Papa. Welcome to Agris, Player.


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