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Warning- This game may contain swearing and offensive (sexual) words, blood and violence. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.


Melissa, who leads a quiet life and farms with her family, is forced to flee the village with her younger sister Lyla when their village is attacked. Now that Melissa and Lyla are alone in the forest, they do not know how to fight or protect themselves, but they meet Zoe by chance. Zoe is a warrior clan woman who has spent her life in cold, mountainous dangerous areas. Witnessing her brother’s death before her eyes when she was still very young, Zoe found salvation in exploration and archeology. Zoe sets out to find both an archaeological discovery and a clan relic. She meets Melissa and Lyla. Unable to return to their homes due to the ongoing danger in their village, the sisters are trapped helplessly in the cave. Zoe saves the girls’ lives and takes it upon herself to protect the vulnerable girls. In this way, Zoe teaches the sisters how to fight and protect themselves, while at the same time she starts to get stronger. In this process, the girls, who establish very close emotional bonds, begin to fight for common goals.

—Defeat the enemy using different techniques with the turn-based battle system.

—Explore the world. On the way, meet new NPCs and witness their short stories and defend yourself against the dangers that come your way.

—Empower your power by equipping different weapons and equipment.

–In this universe, where turn-based warfare and visual novel are blended, witnessing the physical and psychological development of the characters and helping them reach their goals.


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