Soul’s Majesty Rise of Gilda

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Soul’s Majesty Rise of Gilda story is about fantastic fictional characters, fantasy fictional worlds and an intruder who wanders between these worlds. Felis, the protector of the spirit realm, travels to a different realm to follow the souls he thinks have escaped, and completely different events develop.

Chase after the souls that have escaped from the spirit realm!

  • Fantastic fictional characters and fictional worlds!
  • Easy, Medium and Hard designed levels!
  • Characters who want to trap you or really want help you!
  • Look for ways to get out of the traps you’ve fallen into!
  • Important life stories of the characters!
  • Buy throwable knives to take down your enemies more effectively!
  • Find hidden treasures!
  • Summon your special warrior!
  • Boss battles!

Please don’t step ducks!


Story: Play the story mode to experience the main story and discover the ending!
Deathrun: Extra content independent of the main story. Escape Medusa! Break your own record!
Eternal Sky: Extra content independent of the main story. Jump above the clouds! Break your own record!


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