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First, the developer wants you to be free. That’s how I’ll play this shitty game.
The developer wants you to get stressed out through this game. To that end, nothing is so insincerely implemented.

It’s a vampire survive-like game where you survive running away from monsters. If you can survive for 30 minutes, you can win.
When a crashed gray man lands on a strange planet, you are very curious about where this is. But first you have to survive hostile creatures.
Your purpose is to survive first and second. The creatures here are strangely hostile to you, so I hope you’ll never look away.
Good luck…Hope you can be a winner in the food chain here.

– You only have very simple equipment. Every time you kill monsters, you get experience. You need to get experience and upgrade your equipment to kill monsters. You have to encounter enemies only with guns and psychokinesis and avoid them or kill them with your control. If you hold out like that for 30 minutes, you’ll be able to survive and feel the joy of victory.

– Eliminate monsters to gain experience, level up, and upgrade your insignificant equipment to gain a survival advantage.
You only have guns and psychokinesis. Please be careful.

Key Features
Possession of a basic weapon that fires automatically
When acquired, use psychokinesis to kill enemies who are flocking around me and hold out for 30 minutes from monsters


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