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Battle Against the Invasion of Sinister Poops!

Following an ominous crimson moon, a portal to the depths of Hell’s Septic Tank has been breached. The insidious legions of hellish poops have surged forth with an insatiable desire to conquer your bathroom! Will you rise to the challenge, thwart the invasion, and unravel the mystery behind this chaotic onslaught?

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

Embark on an enthralling journey through 250 hand crafted levels, brimming with captivating mechanics and narrative elements woven into the gameplay.

Confront Malevolent Overlords

Put your skills to the test as you confront a diverse array of poop overlords and their relentless hordes. Each overlord presents a unique set of abilities and challenges, demanding strategic prowess and careful planning.

With destiny hanging in the balance, can you emerge as the triumphant champion, vanquishing the invasion and securing your rightful place as the ultimate poop-slaying hero?


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