Bushido Saga: Nightmare of the Samurai

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The EPIC Samurai Game, Now on PC!
Relive Bushido Saga – Nightmare of the Samurai with smoother controls, improved gameplay, generous loot and rewroted narrative in this Revised Edition for PC.

BATTLE the fierce SAMURAI, the stealthy NINJA and the fearsome RONIN!

Choose your weapon! the blade katana, the halberd naginata, the bow daikyu, the spear yari, and many other cutting blades, crushing hammers, and ranged bows!

Bushido Saga – Nightmare of the Samurai relies heavily on quality gameplay allied with powerful storytelling. Inspired on the Japanese legend of the forty seven ronin. You are Oishi Yoshio, an honorable samurai, who must uncover a terrible plot against your master, Lord Asano and prevent his assassination by sinister forces of darkness, while unveiling your own nightmare’s mysteries. Unravel the conspiracy and vanquish his enemies before it is too late! Immerse in the prequel tale of the forty-seven ronin like never before.

Tactical Combat at Your Fingertips

Master swordplay and various weapons, now with precise Keyboard/Mouse controls and optional partial Gamepad Controls (works perfectly well during combat and movement of the character). Time your strikes and defense perfectly, face diverse foes, and challenge formidable bosses.

Loot, Upgrade, and Unleash Legends

Collect armor, legendary blades, and mythical swords to customize your samurai. Upgrade and become a true Sword Master.

Embrace the Bushido Code

Venture into the unforgettable saga, interact with NPCs, face challenges, and uncover the truth. Live by courage, loyalty, and honor as you unravel the deadly conspiracy.

Witness the Revamped Samurai Saga
Play the Revised Edition of the beloved mobile game on PC.

◉ SLASH your enemies with various swords, blades and the iconical Katana!
◉ CRUSH your enemies with unusual weapons as such as hammers, spiked clubs, metal sticks and poles.
◉ PUNCTURE your enemies with arrows, throwing stars and shuriken
◉ BATTLE dozens of minions as only a skilled and expert SAMURAI can do!
◉ WEAPONRY dictates your style of playing: swift slashes with the katana, the long slicing movements with the halberd naginata, striking accuracy with the bow daikyu, thrusting lunges with the spear yari, crushing blows with the hammer otsuchi, and fast throws with the shuriken!
◉ EQUIP the right weapon to battle different types of enemies. Each weapon has it strengths and weaknesses.
◉ VANQUISH powerful and fearsome BOSSES.
◉ FIGHT against many types of enemies: ashigaru, samurai, wako, shinobi, ronin, shugyosha, onna bugeisha and much more!
◉ LOOT dozens of masterful sets of armor, legendary blades and mythical swords.
◉ UNRAVEL a deadly conspiracy against you lord!

◉ SKILLED and timed reactions will turn you into a master warrior.
◉ ATTACK and defend at the right time to get your opponent off-guard.
◉ TACTICAL position is key to victory, don’t get surrounded!

Embark on an epic adventure and unveil a conspiracy against your Lord. Investigate and unfold a plot to assassinate your Lord.

Get ready to be challenged and fight your way through dozens of levels.
Interact with NPCs, collect stars from individual missions and progress in a detailed world by surviving against groups of enemies that require tactics to be beaten.

Reflex, skill and tactics are paramount to success!


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