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Fight and solve puzzles to reclaim your kingdom. Dangerous roads are waiting for you. You must act wisely.

You have to be careful with the ground because not every ground you step on may be solid. You have to find the right ways to open doors. The places you visit are like a maze and you can get lost.

What you need to pay attention to is not only the ground, but also different traps that will be waiting for you. You can avoid some traps by jumping and some traps with acrobatic movements.

The game is a platform game. You must move by jumping between platforms. When the player gets close enough to the platform after jumping, he will automatically cling to the platform. After the player clings to the platform, you can move down with the up arrow key and up down arrow key.

Some floors stand a little higher than others. When you step on these floors, the doors will open. The yellow doors that you will pass the game will be opened in the same way.

Good luck to you on this right track.


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