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Get a job in the city, work for bare minimum money to start your journey to become the richest person ever.

Done working for your old job? Want to buy it now, well you can. Buy different types of businesses and run them to turn profits. Be careful some businesses require active maintenance to work.

Invest in a company after buying access to the stock markets. Place your bets on a company and invest in it. Watch your money multiply as the riches come in. Or watch your money burn in front of your eyes.

Feel like following the law is not for you? Well don’t worry, you can start cooking drugs to sell to your distributor. Be careful, you might get caught cooking!

Produce items for the Cartel. You will have to gain the Cartels trust by selling them items. The more trust the Cartel has in you, the more they will pay for products.

Create a bank robbery mission to get rich fast. However, robbing the bank will greatly reduce the trust of your city, which means you will not be able to get a job with a criminal record.

Create your own gang and dominate the territories, claim what’s yours and sell your drugs to your territory while defending your own. Hire gang members and plot an attack on other territories.

The choice is yours, lead a life by following the rules, or turn to the dark side and create a crime enterprise.


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