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General Description:

"Technophobia: DAgtH?", is a science fiction story about a dystopian world where Androids, Cyborgs, and Nanomachines run rampant in society.
To counteract the fear of these man-made horrors, the U.S. government established the "Facility of Evangelical Science and American Computing" (or FESAC) to use humans and their own androids (known as (F)AENGI-Ls) to hunt down these creations, and either capture them or destroy them.
You play as Jahmir, a teenage part-time college student, tasked with rescuing engineers from all-powerful androids known as "DEMUNs".
"Technophobia" at its core, is a criticism and analysis of the use of AI and Android technology in all aspects of society, and tries to highlight both its benefits and faults.

Gameplay Description (Features):

  • Estimated Playtime: 2 – 4 hours.
  • General Gameplay Desc. – "Technophobia: DAgtH?", is an open-world-lite, narrative FPS, with some aspects which can be considered "horror". This game is somewhat linear, but you are encouraged to explore the large, snowy forest you find yourself in. There are secrets and collectibles (which can influence the ending of your game if you find them all).
  • Main Characters – You play as a human named "Jahmir" and an AENGI-L named "Ani-4" (Ania). They’re tasked with going to the nearby national park and capturing/killing any android they find, and rescuing the kidnapped engineers. While there, they will need to fend off the robotic "Mosquitos" and "Weeping Angels" that plague the park.
  • FPS Action – You use an M16 Rifle and an AA12 shotgun while out in the forest. Since you’re a new hire, you aren’t given much ammo, so it must be used sparingly. Not every enemy must be engaged.
  • Multiple Enemy Types – There are 5 types of enemies with unique attributes about them that make them hard to kill. There are Weeping Angels, Fallen Weeping Angels, Mosquitos, Fallen Mosquitos, and DEMUNs, all patrolling and looking for unwanted visitors, aka, you.
  • Dialogue – This is a narrative game. There are multiple people in the Hub area you can talk to to learn more about the world of Technophobia and the people themselves, before going on a mission. There are also dialogue choices. Your dialogue choices do not affect the ending of the game but are there to learn more about the story.
  • Collectables – There are hidden collectables to be found in the forest. Finding them all will unlock the ability to have the true ending of Technophobia: DAgtH.
  • PSX Graphics – This game has a PSX-lite style of graphics. The graphics are not true to the original PlayStation(s), but it takes inspiration from the style!
  • Multiple Levels – There are 5 main story levels. Upon completing the game, you can choose to play through an extension of the story as the android, "Ania". Ania’s extension has an extra 2 levels. There are 7 levels in total.
  • A Punishing Game – If you get hit once, you die. Use the Watchtowers in the forest to save your progress as there is no autosaving!

Note: Controls are able to be changed in-game.

  • WASD – Move
  • Left Shift – Run
  • Space – Jump
  • Left Control – Crouch
  • Fire – Mouse Button 0
  • Zoom In – Mouse Button 1
  • Flashlight – F
  • Reload – R
  • Interact – E
  • R.P.M.E. – V
  • Waypoint – Q
  • Info Screen – Tab or I
  • Pause – Escape or P
  • Change Weapon – Scroll Wheel or Number Keys 1-9 (Not changeable)

Epilepsy and Content Disclaimers:

  • Epilepsy Warning – This game CONTAINS fast and flashing lights. This may cause visual discomfort, and headaches, and/or could trigger seizures for those with Photosensitive Epilepsy. If you currently suffer or HAVE SUFFERED from Photosensitive Epilepsy in the past, please note that you may be at risk, and should reconsider buying and/or viewing this game.
  • Content Warning – This game also contains vulgar and brash language, as well as violent acts, racist swears and racial themes, and some general topics that some may find offensive and not be comfortable with. Please understand this before continuing to play.


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