Wild West Pistolero

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¥6.00 ¥4.20

In the mid-19th century, legendary Wild West bandits kidnap a beautiful farmer Elsbeth and demand a hefty ransom. But instead of dollar bills, bullets start flying around the bandits’ ears! The kidnapped farmer turns out to be the wife of the notorious bounty hunter Jules, who immediately straps on his two holsters after the ransom demand.

This vertical shoot ’em up, inspired from games of the golden era of video arcades, offers simple and catchy gameplay: shoot through hordes of enemies, smash barrels, collect dollars, save Elsbeth and set your personal new high score!

This is why you need Wild West Pistolero:

  • Simple and challenging gameplay
  • 5 levels
  • Pixel graphics
  • Arcade action with quick entry into gameplay
  • Perfect for in between
  • Beat your high score again and again
  • The Wild West is just cool, right?


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