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In a post-apocalyptic world, the machines have taken control of Toxyma City. Roy is sent by the government to the Konymo Machine-Maker Facility to try to stop as many machines as possible from being released into Toxyma City. Each machine Roy destroys, he may absorb one powerup from them, that can boost his abilities, such as power, jumping quantity, gravity, bullet size etc. How long can Roy survive? Runner Roy is a 2D platformer with an endless and procedurally generated map and never-ending enemies with graphics loosely inspired from the 70s and 80s videogame era.

> Main features:
– Endless and procedurally generated map;
– Progressively harder obstacles and enemies;
– Stats to improve by destroying the machines;
– Roguelike elements;
– Platforming and run and gun elements.
– Score-attack/leaderboard;
– Retro/old school style graphics.


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