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About this Game!

Hello guys I am bringing you this time around a small cozy little game about greed and grinding!!
If you played my previous games you should know what to expect!
If you didnt… This is a small Idle game where the character battles autommatically while everything you do is drink a coffee and buy upgrades!

So…. how far will you get??? Its all on you!!


  • 2 enemy types the savage and the magical boss!
  • Equipment upgrades.
  • Ascend
  • Stats Screen
  • Leveling!
  • Greed!
  • Grinding!
  • 1 Dungeon with the same background and 2 enemy types.
  • Magical Bosses
  • Several Dungeon Levels to grind for!
  • 3 Classes!

I am being honest in what I am offering here.. I myself love games of this type and thats why I make them!
Please dont come insult me for the type of game I am making!
If you dislike this idea somehow , go somewhere else… Go get the games you wanna play!
Steam is a Free Market… and everyone can attempt to sell theyr product!

Constructive Critiscism is welcomed!

Please show me where the game can improve in case you want me to offer you better services…
Just dont come offend me because I am selling a cheap basic game!

Graphics are intentionally made garbage so you lower your expectations!

Whats new?

Whats new?? This time around??

Well I was thinking to myself… What if instead of drawing amazing pixel graphics?? I could focus on gameplay a little bit more..??
So instead of having just some random dudes idling.. I decided to add diversity to gameplay by adding 2 types of damage, physical and magical.
Magical Bosses deal magical damage. So you need higher RES… and his minions deals physical dmg so you need DEF…. the basic three character classes have different stats and level differently… and its up to you to find the most optimal way of grinding faster….

I know its basic… I am charging cheap too… If you like the idea please support me! and please lower your expectations so you dont get deluded!

Thank you very much!


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