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This is a 2D old-school RPG in the vein of Sandfall and Vagrant Hearts.

Edan, once a regular young man from a peaceful village, discovers he is the Lightwielder. A gifted hero destined to protect the land against evil. After completing long years of hard training, he is ready to commence his journey.

A terrible disease known as the Blight is spreading across all four corners of the world. Without a known cure or treatment, he who is afflicted by it, is doomed. As the Lighwielder and also as someone who lost both his parents to the disease, Edan must now find it’s origin and cause and put it to an end. He is people’s last hope.


* Classic good and evil storyline, reminiscent of the great classics and mythologies
* Engaging storyline and characters
* Varied locations to explore
* Optional content to complete
* Beautiful visuals and art
* Quest Journal to keep track of your progress
* Mouse Support


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