Witch’s house beginning

Witch's house beginning thumbnail
¥6.00 ¥3.00

Alexei will have to choose several ways to escape from the witch’s house. You will have to look for: batteries to keep the flashlight on, keys to open the doors, fuel to fill up the car, etc.
The game has a good atmosphere and the sound effects are 5+. The witch isn’t just walking around looking for the player, she’s doing her household chores while she can’t see him. You will have to sweat while passing our game!

The game has a top view, in which you have to run around the house, collect the necessary items to further pass the game, avoid contact with the witch, which roams the corridors and hunts you. The fascinating plot and atmosphere will not let you go until you investigate what really happened in the mysterious house and why the locals are so afraid of it. Ready to start investigating this mysterious case? Then go ahead, I have faith in you, you will succeed!


– pleasant graphics;
– easy controls;
– interesting gameplay;
– light music;
– unforgettable adventure;


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