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moon0011 — Aim for the Earth with the moon —
When you want to relieve stress, you should try this game. What you need is just clicking on the white panel. You can feel a sense accomplishment when you reach higher score. Also you can feel refreshing when you hit planets with the moon. There are a lot of ways to enjoy this game. For example, you can play this game to aim the best record by myself. Of course it is great to compete with your friends or family members. I’ll tell you how to play this game. There are two icons whose shape looks arrows on the startup screen. When you click the arrow-shaped icon under “START”, you will move to the practice stage. When you click the arrow-shaped icon under “The explanation screen”, you will get information about the operation.
At the practice stage, if you hit the moon to the target more than the certain number of time, you will move on to the next stage. After clearing 5 practice stages, you can proceed to the main game. Practice stage 6 is also available for those who want to continue practicing.
There are two arrows on the explanation screen, one for moving to the practice screen with a large arrow and the other for skipping practice and proceeding to the main stage with smaller arrow.
The main stage starts with allocating the score for each planet with a large arrow. After that, start the game with a small arrow. The score is allocating by random numbers. There is only one chance to decide your score.
Each stage has a green, blue, and red buttons in the upper right corner on the screen. But green is for restarting, blue is for high scores, and red is for ending the game. In trial version it is limited the number of stages that you can play.. If you want to play all stages, please purchase the product version.

– If you hit Pluto in Pluto chance, the screen will switch and the planet’s score will be reset. The score is allocated by random numbers, but The possibility to get higher scores will increase when you are “PLUTO CHANCE”.
– If you hit Uranus, it will become Uranus chance and you can drop moons from the upper panel.
-When Moon chance comes around, every time you click it, three to five moons are generated at once, and when you click it again, the moon flying at that time returns to its original position. It’s your biggest chance to earn points with a large number of moons. Use this chance to aim for your personal best.


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