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The Story

A giant meteor full of weird looking creatures has crashed on our planet. Those monsters overran our cities and ate all our food before we were even ready to defend ourselves. The survivors have set up giant safezones that are monster free but they are running out of food. Carl and his friends, a special team of veggie loving monster killers have been sent to the farmlands, the last green spot on earth to look for a new food source. Grow veggies, deliver them to the safezones and fight of those evil creatures as long as you can!

The Game

In the Last Veggies it is all about Veggies and Monsters. Plant veggies, deliver them to make some money or defend them at all costs. Use your income to buy random items and upgrades for yourself, your weapons or your farm! Fight waves of monsters and defeat even more powerful bosses! Collect golden carrots by defeating enemies to unlock new playable characters, maps or even gamemodes!

Veggie Delivery

An Endless gamemode with Veggies, Monsters, Raiders, evil Bosses and even Lootatos for the right amount of fun! Here you have to plant, defend and deliver your veggies to make a living and to secure the survival of humanity. Delivering veggies will provide you with some cash to buy upgrades for yourself or your farm! watch out for Raiders that attack your farm and prepare yourself for insanely powerful bosses! Survive as long as you can!

The Last Veggies

You are slowly running out of seeds to plant veggies and there are not that many left… Defend the Last Veggies until help arrives! In this gamemode you will have to defend veggies to the last Wave. You will gain some money for each surviving veggies that you can use for upgrades and items to make surviving a little easier. There are no Bosses or Raiders here but that doesn’t mean that this gamemode is easier!

Seed Savers

Oh no! Now we are running out of Seeds! Travel to secret location where humanity has stored the last of the seeds to make sure that there are always enough veggies. get those seeds to your vehicle and leave before you are overrun! This mode includes evil bosses, new creatures and tons of seeds!

A wide Selection of Characters

Carl has a lot of friends out in the Farmlands and you can play each one of them. Every Character comes with a unique set of skills and each character carries a different weapon that will change your playstyle completely!

Choose your difficulty

Each Map and GameMode can be played in 3 different difficulty levels. If those 3 difficulties are still not enough for you there are events that can be switched on or off to make the game even harder! But the higher the difficulty the higher the chance to fond rare golden carrots!


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