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AntiBots is an online PvP arena party game for 2-4 players where anti-gravity constantly switches on and off.

Armed with explosive bullets and a speedy grappling hook, face off against your friends across 12 different maps and 6 unique gamemodes to become the ultimate champion!


  • Players cannot be shot directly, bullets will simply pass through them
  • Instead, bullets will explode on contact with any surface, instantly eliminating anyone in it’s radius – this explosion will travel through walls!
  • Remember, no surface is safe! Use the environment to eliminate your enemies from angles they never saw coming


  • All arenas have been fitted with Anti-Gravity devices, which will power up as rounds progress
  • Be prepared! Gravity will fluctuate frequently, so be ready to adjust your strategies on-the-fly
  • Keep an eye on the progess bars found throughout the arenas to track Anti-Gravity progress


  • Deathmatch: Eliminate other players to gain points
  • Heist: Pickup and hold onto the battery whilst avoiding everyone else to gain points
  • Elimination: Round-based, last player standing each round gets a point
  • One In The Chamber: Round-based, everyone has only one bullet. Gain points by eliminating enemies
  • Hunt: Round-based, one player becomes the hunter and must eliminate all other players before time runs out
  • Control: Stand alone inside the control zone to capture it and gain a point


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