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Complete Split-Screen

Enjoy the entire game on the couch with a friend or significant other with a gamepad as Devoid was developed with Split-Screen at its core instead of as an afterthought.

Choose Your Path

Progress through the game how you want to. Whether you enjoy blasting enemies, mining asteroids, scavenging debris fields or fixing beacons, all are viable options to make credits, earn prototypes and get your hands on the parts and equipment needed to build and outfit your ships.

6 Mission Types

Combat Patrol, Bounty Hunt, Outpost Defense, Calibrate Beacon, Scan Planet, Deliver Cargo.

18 Skills

Choose from and learn a variety of skills. Slot up to 8 skills at a time and swap them out on the fly.

Mine and Fabricate

Craft and manage your ever growing list of ships and equipment from any Shipyard. Easily switch out equipment and ships for your next mission.

Explore and Experiment

With few limits on what can be outfitted to a ship, discover the build that works for you and compliment it with a unique set of skills.

The Void Awaits You


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