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¥26.00 ¥20.80

Build impressive skyscrapers pixel-by-pixel, and protect them from the harsh realities of nature. Each pixel is physically simulated to interact with earthquakes, firestorms, blizzards, and tsunamis. Protect your skyline and expand your territory in this relaxing (yet challenging) sandbox builder.

Use magical falling sand to create your city. Craft each pixel with a small brush size, or create large structures quickly with a wide brush. The choice is yours.

Grow food to keep your city fed. If the people get hungry or thirsty, they will start revolt fires!

Deal with forces of nature when mother nature erupts. Be prepared to put out fires and rebuild your structures regularly.


– 2 Distinct Game Modes : Main Quest and Sandbox (just for fun)
– 36 playable levels
– Falling sand physics with dozens of buildable materials
– Cloud Save, Achievements, Customizable settings and controller bindings


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