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Retrocausality is a kinetic visual novel where you encounter paradoxes, causal loops and inversions as you strive to make your dream come true. Set in Akihabara between the years 2000-2069, the story follows a group of college students who survive an anomaly only to find themselves in the midst of a temporal war.

In this aimless darkness of space, this world that we’ve been placed on continues to turn.
This world was fated to end since its inception.
And on it, we mortals wait for its inevitable end.
To travel through time, one must be willing to leave everything behind and be self-centered enough to change one’s own fate.
And changing one’s fate means going against the very same God who placed us here.

Key Features

  • Kinetic Visual Novel – In this predetermined world that we live in, there is no free will. We don’t afford such a luxury.
  • Cyberpunk setting – Dive into a futuristic cyberpunk dystopian world where everyone resides inside a structure ruled by a strict regime.
  • Temporal War – Fights take place in ways you have never seen before, with characters inverting, completing paradoxes, and sometimes even causing causal loops.

"The grandfather paradox is impossible. In fact, all paradoxes are impossible. The Everett-Wheeler-Graham or multiple world theory is correct. All possible quantum states, events, possibilities and outcomes are real, eventual and occurring." – John Titor

Now if the grandfather paradox isn’t a thing, does that mean that we can we kick grandpa down the stairs?


  • circa 2000 – Root timeline is newly constructed with the appearance of its creator
  • circa 2020 – Time travel is proved to be possible
  • circa 2039 – Temporal wars conclude
  • circa 2064 – Temporal wars begin
  • circa 2069 – The world’s first time machine is built

Did reading that hurt your one-dimensional time brain? In that case, try thinking backwards instead.


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