The Backrooms – Nightmare Dimension

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After long research, the scientists from SCP FOUNDATION managed to create a machine that opens a portal to the dimension called The Backrooms. This helped them discover new things about this dimension and the creatures that inhabit it, such as the fact that quite a large number of people were trapped in this place, unable to escape, leading to their death. The objective of the researchers is to destroy this dimension, but in order to do this, first of all, all the entities in the Backrooms must be eliminated, because they are the ones that keep the dimension alive.
With all the research and elite soldiers equipped with revolutionary weapons, the SCP FOUNDATION began the mission to purge the Backrooms dimension!

★Online horror Co-Op shooter experience
Support for up to 4 players at the same time.

★A different story of "The Backrooms"
Discover a new truth that is terrifying and fascinating at the same time about this dimension!

★New and Unique levels of "The Backrooms".

★Meet and fight the entities that inhabit the infamous dimension!


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