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Attack Zone Mode Description

Endless Mode:

In Endless mode, you face endless waves of enemies and fight for your
survival. Not only are there normal waves, but also elite waves and boss
waves that present additional challenges. In Endless mode, your goal is
to defeat as many enemies as possible and achieve a high score.

Challenge Mode:

In the Challenge Mode, you fight through multiple waves of enemies to complete
your specific task. Depending on the challenge, this can involve a varying number
of waves, including both normal and boss waves. Your goal is to survive all the
waves without dying. If you succeed in mastering this challenge, you will be rewarded.

Shooting Area Mode:

In Shooting Area mode you can try out all weapons and do a few shooting
exercises at the same time. There are a few targets that you can shoot to train
your Aim at the same time.

Perk Description:

Perks are modifications that affect the action of the game, you can unlock
different perks with Perk Points. The unlocked perks help you fight. Where
do you get the Perk Points? You get the Perk Points when you level and
when you complete challenges of course also when you kill enemies.

Level Description:

In Endless as well as in Challenge mode there are 2 maps where you are
bombarded from time to time with an artillery bombardment, the artillery
bombard the whole map. You must try to survive the attack and find a safe
place before the bombs hit the ground. If you don’t find a safe place in time,
you die and have to start all over again. How do you know when the artillery
missiles will be fired? There’s an alarm. As soon as you hear him, you should
take cover and stay somewhere safe.

Trophies Description:

In Endless mode you can find 10 hidden trophies.The 10 hidden trophies are
distributed on all maps. Finding a trophy gives you XP and Perk Points as a reward.

Game Modes:

  • Endless Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Shooting Area


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