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Explore a new world

Embark on an epic journey in Before1700, a PvP/PvE survival adventure set in a captivating medieval era. Navigate through varied landscapes, either on your own in B1700’s dedicated servers or alongside others in player-hosted worlds. Discover a world alive with animals, magic, demons, and AI-driven NPCs, all contributing to a dynamic ecosystem.

Arm Yourself for Adventure

Equip yourself with a wide range of medieval weaponry and gear, including axes, swords, and polearms. Choose your own path, whether cooperating or conflicting with fellow players. Engage in building, farming, fishing, and animal taming/breeding. Recruit NPC helpers or raise a personal army for additional support.

Thrilling PvP and Rich PvE Encounters

Dive into intense PvP battles in open-world settings, structured arenas, or custom player-created environments. Earn valuable loot from both PvE and PvP encounters and carve your own destiny in the challenging world of Before1700.

Game Modes
Explore expansive open-world maps, where players can build, farm, and engage in both PvP and PvE events. Your actions in PvP battles significantly affect your overall battle rating.

Lobby Level
Host your game and create a personalized Lobby Level for building, harvesting resources, and storing loot. Access a variety of PvP and PvE maps and game modes through the lobby menu and launch into action when your everyone is ready.

Arena Levels
Join up to 8-player games featuring PvP deathmatch, team battles, and PvE dungeons. Strategically gather gear and loot from your conquests in these exhilarating game modes.

Harvesting and Resources

Survival is a cornerstone in Before1700. Keep your character nourished and hydrated, a necessity even during PvP or PvE arena battles. Harvest resources by chopping trees, mining rocks, and collecting plants.

Building & Crafting

Construct and craft wherever you wish, utilizing resources from your surroundings. Use the "Building Plan" to access a radial craft menu, allowing you to create structures and defenses. Team up to build impressive villages and castles, and be on guard against rival players.

Dynamic Weather, Active Foliage and Foot prints

Experience dynamic weather that mirrors the real-time season of the game host’s location. From the harshness of winter to the vibrancy of summer, the game’s environment dynamically adjusts, adding an immersive layer to your gaming experience.

Movement & Controls System
B1700 allows Keyboard and Mouse support, we’re expecting to have full controller support soon.


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