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– A twisted plot. The game is set in the not too distant future.
– Three types of weapons are available to the player to solve problems.
– In addition to brute force the player can use stealth and tactical elements.
– Emphasis on realism (of course within the TDS genre). Your weapons, your actions in combat, the use of cover – it will all matter.

The world is on the verge of collapse. The once fertile lands have become barren. The sun, once a beacon of life, has become a sign of terror. The temperature is unbearable. Living things live in constant fear and seek shelter from the scorching light. A few wealthy nations have used technology to save parts of the planet and make it habitable again. Those unlucky enough to remain on the dead wasteland are furious. They seize and pillage settlements to stay alive another day. Despair and madness follow them, slowly infecting the community. And yet hope remains among these weary, desperate people. Earth’s smartest people try to find a solution to end desertification and drought. Settlements are uniting with each other in the name of peace and prosperity. And progress in saving the world is in sight. I’m Robert. I’m an employee of the Ecological Restoration Program. This story is how I witnessed the End.

Controls: WASD – walk, [1]/[2] ]/[3] ]/[4] – change weapons.
Reload – R, Raise weapon – F, Kick – C

– nice graphics;
– simple controls;
– interesting gameplay;
– light music;
– unforgettable adventure;
– available in 2 languages.


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