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¥22.00 ¥13.20

It’s a hard side-scroller platform game with challenging choreographed boss fights set in a diverse fantasy world.

Discover the story across 8 episodes in a diverse world.
Experience the story of the difficult objection journey. Travel across a dangerous land to confront the cruel power. You will have to pass through many different places. Get ready to visit frosty peaks, dark caves, castles, and more. Every location has its atmosphere and story.

Beat all 8 boss fights by mastering their fight choreography.
Face the bosses in their extreme variants immediately or pass through the levels to make them weaker and easier to beat. Each opponent has a unique set of moves. Learn them and master every clash.

Complete levels that include many threats.
Various dangers await you in each episode. You will have to show great cunning, dexterity, or caution. One thing is sure it won’t be easy, so tread carefully.

Is glory awaiting you? Is still there any glory left in this land?


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