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Lotos Abstraction: a beautiful woman with a big gun living in a destroyed 21st century. Too bad she’s been taken hostage by an entity simply known as the Martinet. Now it’s Lotos’ quest to infiltrate the six embassies of power and assassinate each leader. Why? That’s part of the quest. If she succeeds, she lives. But if she fails, her destiny will be as grim as the futuristic world in which she lives.

Meat Puppet takes the 3rd person game far beyond the simple shoot em up with the addition of a very sophisticated story line, visually stunning graphics and cinematics all set in a futuristic art deco environment and a massive playing universe.

Over 300 individual rooms spread out over 6 cities.

A fully interactive environment. Each level contains over 150 objects that can be used, manipulated or destroyed to suit your purpose.

Unique stacked playing areas. Start a level on the city street and climb your way up to the tallest skyscraper.

Cutting edge program design creates smarter and tougher "thinking" enemies.

Over 35 characters.

Over 22,300 frames of animation.


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