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In a world of pure magic, you are a knight belonging to Farheim, and you have been tasked with fetching a mysterious object from its king, Damon, in a faraway village called Littlegard. When you return from the small village, you will receive sad news… Farheim was invaded and cursed by an evil witch named Shadora from Shadowheim. Since you were far from the kingdom, you were the only one not to be cursed. Now, with the mysterious object, the knight must save Farheim from the witch’s clutches!

Witch’s is an action/adventure game with simple and intuitive mechanics, capable of transporting you to a magical and fantasy world where a witch has cursed a kingdom called Farheim. Amid countless obstacles and enemies, you’ll have to find a way to reach the witch at the top of the castle.

Points to note:

  • Vivid environments with unique music;
  • Several traps;

  • Mystery rooms to find;

  • Dialogue with the living and spirits;

  • Inventory where you can change/upgrade weapons;

  • Variety of enemies, weapons and more!


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