The Witch’s House

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¥6.00 ¥3.00

There is an old house on the edge of a small town. All the locals have always avoided it, as strange and mysterious events constantly happen there. This time, what happened in this house made the whole city shudder with fear. But you are brave and do not believe in this whole damn thing that is happening there, for you there is a logical explanation for everything, and therefore it is you who go to investigate this terrible and mysterious house.
The game has a top view in which you have to run around the house, collect the necessary items for further passage of the game, dodge the ghosts that roam the corridors and hunt you. The fascinating plot and atmosphere will not let you go until you investigate what really happened in the mysterious house and why the locals are so afraid of it. Are you ready to start investigating this mysterious case? Then go ahead, I believe in you, you will succeed.


– nice graphics;
– simple operation;
– interesting gameplay;
– light music;
– unforgettable adventures;
– availability in 2 languages;


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