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A Hero’s Call!
You will explore different dimensions, solve puzzles, fight demons and monsters and ally with the other hero’s around the multiverse. Use strategy and wits to navigate the complex enemies and mazes.

Make your Choice!
Some decisions you make will impact your story. Be careful what path you choose!

Bring peace to the multiverse!
An exciting and fun adventure awaits!, don’t forget to look around, you may be surprised by what you find! Hidden treasure is around every corner. But be
cautious… There is also danger…

Pick up the fight!
Players can level up their character by fighting enemies and completing quests! find new armor and weapons in chests or dead creatures.
Players have the opportunity to rename themselves. Choose which weapons to fight with and which strategy they want to use to take down their next foe!
Players have the grace of autosave throughout the game. Each doorway they pass through will autosave just incase they forget.

It was a-lot of fun creating this game for you all, I hope you enjoy!

When in doubt stay on the path!

For full screen mode: ALT+Enter.
Controls: Arrow keys to move and space/x to access the main menu.
X: deletes letters while renaming as well.


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