A Smooth Game (Unlike… Life)

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This game is about little Jessie(who is awfully depressed)’s journey to find a reason to stay alive. In smooth world life is so much smoother than real life. Don’t get it wrong, there are problems in the smooth world as well – they just get resolved quicker and smoother than the real world!
Join with Jessie and see/hear various lives in the smooth world together… and find your own reason to stay alive as well(if you don’t have any!)

***** Key Features *****
Short playtime. About 30 to 40 minutes long.
Playable with only one hand. Use the other hand(s) for something more important… like putting chips in your mouth!
Dialogue heavy.
Day and night.
Sunset and sunrise.
Realistic moon for pixel art.
A willow tree.
A skateboard.
A duck.
A door.
A llama or alpaca.
A statue.
A flower.
An eyeball.
A cactus.
A mouth.
… and some other things.


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