Ultimate Destruction Simulator

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• Weaponry
Various explosives with different firepower (missiles, bombs, dynamite, etc.).
Tornadoes, earthquakes, various cannonballs or even black holes…

• Time management
You have the options to slow down time or freeze it completely to enjoy the moment and never miss an epic screenshot 🙂

• Gravity control
Change gravity, at least turn it off completely. Be careful cuz some towers might collapse under its own weigh.

• Burning system
The wood is on fire! The fire is spreading! Everything is being destroyed!

• Maps
50+ ready-made cards, divided into categorized sets. Some of them include skyscrapers, others are small buildings or demonstration scenes.
And unlimited amount of maps built by users! Press 1 button and a random map built by other players will load in!

• Map editor
Create your maps in the editor, which is available immediately! Share your builds with your friends and have fun!

• Spectator mode
Just watch the automatic destruction of buildings…

• Tons of settings
Optimize the game by changing the quality of the physics, the detail of the destruction, use the technology of fusion of debris and much more – find a balance between epiceness and performance or rush from 1 to another depending on the situation XD


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