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*Please try the Demo before purchasing, this game is not for everyone. Progress from the demo version will carry over to early access release*

You’re an employee of the Terranos Engineering group, assigned to work on a mysterious project dubbed "Terranny" by protesters.


Earn parts, decals, badges, and titles by completing missions and competing in PvP seasons.


Design a custom drone from a variety of parts. Adjust attachment locations and angles to produce ultimate killing machines. Change part colors and add decals for a bit of personal touch.


Program each part of your drone with a custom visual programming interface.


Send your drones on various missions to earn rewards, with different goals in each level. Try to beat your fastest time.


Test your creations against other engineers in asynchronous PvP battles. Your opponents do not have to be online to be challenged. Participate in different modes, such as 1v1 or a 6 drone free-for-all battle. Earn rating to climb the seasonal leaderboards.

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