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¥6.00 ¥3.00

Take a leap of faith and enter Froggin Up, the thrilling "Tall Platformer" game! With stunning visuals and captivating environments, explore the sprawling caverns, lush rainforests, winding mountains, and even the skies above. Enjoy the story-driven experience as you jump, hop, and slide through different zones, discovering new areas and uncovering secrets. No matter what direction you choose, you can be sure you have the skills to complete your mission! So get ready to Froggin Up!

No matter how far you fall, you can always get up and try again! Our lovely narrator even has a special surprise at the end! "though I promise it might not be cake."

We even have these fantastic un-original features glimmering throughout the game!

Long Wondering Platformer.
Continuous Saving Story.
Rewind Time.
Original Soundtrack.
Refreshing Retro Style Art.
Narrator to Judge you along the way.
Time Trials with new frogs!

Don’t want to hear a narrative-driven story because it’s way overdone? Well, take your skills to the next level and race to the finish as fast as you can! Challenge yourself, your friends, and even your dog! "ok, maybe not your dog," and much more!

We promise this will be the best cup of coffee you will ever buy!


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