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¥62.00 ¥49.60

Your own oil empire. Buy mining permits, drill test wells and grow your fortune. But beware, oilfields are burning, the transport of oil can go wrong, oil can leak from pipeline or others try to sabotage your pipeline. They can use their hard-earned money to buy more oil wells to expand their empire. Drill for oil, put out burning oil fields, repair pipelines, prevent explosive devices from detonating. Earn enough money to buy a Central Storage where you can collect and barrel the oil. The barrels can then be sold at a better price. The warehouse can be expanded. The individual storage units must be serviced, otherwise they will be lost and with them the oil stored in them. Also, don’t forget to upgrade the bottling plant.

Compete against up to 4 computer opponents.

Destroy your opponents’ drilling towers.

Build up your defenses and prevent the enemy from attacking you.

119 Possible locations to drill for Oil.

5 different biomes

Customization of player estates.

Miscellaneous Events

Oil well fire

Tanker accident

Sobotage on the pipeline

Pipe ruptures on the pipeline

In planning

More biomes in different locations

More random Events


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